Jordan Valley 2011

The Jordan Valley, given its physical size (1,000,000 dunum), abundant arable land (400,000 dunum), water resources (one-third of the West Bank ground water reserves), and temperate climate has been historically known as the breadbasket of the West Bank. However it is facing many challenges to reach its full agricultural and water legacy; such as decreasing rainfall, increasing water salinity, increasing access and movement restrictions from settlements, military bases and closures and controls placed on infrastructure development. Therefore GVC and FAO in partnership with PHG and UAWC, supported by PWA and MoA and funded by the Italian Cooperation, is replicating our study and project formation from the south of the West Bank in this crucial area, while also taking into consideration the new aspects of crucial importance for the area, agriculture and irrigation.

67 communities in area C within Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah and Tubas governorate have been investigated leading to the production of a comprehensive database with GIS support, leading to the creation of a set of project profiles ready for intervention. This database, collected through community surveys, includes fields such as population, number of animals, main income sources, type of agricultural cultivation, water sources and WASH related indicators in the communities. The database led to the formation of a series of GIS maps used to analyse the data and to display its findings. Based on this analysis, combined with the needs and opinions of the communities and the overall strategic guidance of the Palestinian Authority, over 12 project profiles were built to tackle the fundamental problems facing these communities. The product of this 10 month in-depth study are now available for all stakeholders to download and utilise for the future humanitarian development of the Jordan Valley.*

*Presently the outputs are in final draft form, as soon as they are cleared for final publication they will be replaced on the website. For any re-publication requests or further inquiries please contact the webmaster.